Well!..Everyone i said 3 weeks ago i'm in development of game named Mario Generations!!...To see updates!...Every world i finished i'll give you some updates...What kind of Updates? I Tell You:

1-Pics:Pictures are screenshots from game to see it {They are the main update and always come}!

2-Musics:Any Level has musics! I'll post 1 or maybe 2 musics from game {They most come in Update}

3-Footage:Footages are videos from game and i play it to meet some levels that you can't access them!...maybe you find these levels in World {They Rarely Come because it's mario Game,it's not sonic game that every time has Footage videos}

4-Trailers:Trailers are videos to meet The Game {They very rarely come in Update,As i said A treaser trailer will come soon}

5-I've some texts for game to tell about the Story,Completion worlds,Enemies,Items,etc...

That's All!!..What do you think about these updates?

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