My Babysitters Vampire Spin-Off Wiki

1.The graphics for the bushes and clouds are the same, with different colors

Hint:In level 1-1...You see there is one bush and cloud with same Height but different things

2.The Minus World

Hint:There's a glitch world named World 36 or -1 that can't lead easiely but If you want to go to Minus World you need go to end of 1-2 in cave...There's a possible and secret hint in there!

3.Mario was named after the landlord of Nintendo Of American's Office

Hint:There was a guy named Mario Seagale and was working for Nintendo He had such problems,It's possible Mario was to be revealed with this name...

4.Relate To Alice in wonderland

Hint:Shigeru Miyamato Was inprised By Alice in wonderland 2010 {Shranking Mario is same as shranking alice in film!...Walking in mushrooms,seeing Koopas,Etc....}

5.Mario hits block with his fits,not his heads

Hint:Well!..actually if mario hits block with his heads,then he would be die! If you look at Sprites of SMB when Mario Jumping!..You see his jumping and his hands are over him!

6.Mario wears hat because miyamato can't draw his Hair

Hint:It's true!...Miyamato working on Super Mario Bros,He can't draw his hair because it was to hard for him!..So Mario has hats..And also it was easy for shigeru to draw a mustache for Mario!

7.Super Mario Bros was released on friday 13th in japan

8. "All night nippon Super Mario Bros" is actually rare game

9.Mario Wears overralls

Hint:If you animate Mario Walking In SMB..You see his clothing sleeves would be disappear

10.Bowser's fireball was actually Backwards

Hint:In any fight of Bowser in Any Castle!...You see bowser throwing fire flames Backwards!..not the Right Direction!!...