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Shahriar pnd Shahriar pnd 10 September 2011

Villans for Finale

Well!...Maybe it's really early to talk about this,but When we reach finale episode in near future maybe 3 or 4 years later...What do you think Which Of Villains gonna be For Finale!... Actually!...The Idea Is not really Cool When All Villains fight all Heroes!..But i accept All Of Heroes must fight one of them!..Just one of them who's really Strongest all of Those Villains!... I Choose Dr.Zomboss for finale!...Which Antagonist you want to fight for finale in near future?....Only One person!!!...No more than one!... :P

Also The battle must be Really hard and very long that no one can't defeat this antagonist for 2 or 3 hours!..And this battle must takes for 3 or 2 hours!...

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Shahriar pnd Shahriar pnd 9 September 2011

10 things you didn't know about super mario bros

1.The graphics for the bushes and clouds are the same, with different colors

Hint:In level 1-1...You see there is one bush and cloud with same Height but different things

2.The Minus World

Hint:There's a glitch world named World 36 or -1 that can't lead easiely but If you want to go to Minus World you need go to end of 1-2 in cave...There's a possible and secret hint in there!

3.Mario was named after the landlord of Nintendo Of American's Office

Hint:There was a guy named Mario Seagale and was working for Nintendo He had such problems,It's possible Mario was to be revealed with this name...

4.Relate To Alice in wonderland

Hint:Shigeru Miyamato Was inprised By Alice in wonderland 2010 {Shranking Mario is same as shranking alice in film!...Walking …

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Shahriar pnd Shahriar pnd 8 September 2011

W1 Finished,New Updates

To Everyone!...Here!...I Finished W1 development for Modern one!...W2 is in early-Stages!!!....Here are some updates about it!....


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Shahriar pnd Shahriar pnd 6 September 2011

Release Date

Well..To anyone wondering!...This Game will be not released until 2013 {Also End of the world in 2012 is fake!}...And What excatly date of 2013!..Not yet!...But this game will be released in 2013!..I'm Really say truth! So...If you wanna have A really exciting Mario Generations you must wait until 2013!!!... But we have many updates during 2011,2012 and also 2013!!!!....

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Shahriar pnd Shahriar pnd 4 September 2011

a Little Bad News

Well!..actually i want to everyone to know something about game...For anyone wondering!...This game is not in Full 3D like sonic generations,super mario galaxy 2,etc...Because i'm the only creator of game and there's no one!..So it can't be one person make a Full 3D GAME!..instead of that,We have actually 2D game!it has many new features thats why i said it takes 2 or 1 years!...Well...Maybe you have now less Excited of game,Don't you?....

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