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Hi! I Will Soon change This But Hi!. I Love My Babysitter's a Va


This is when Jesse put erica in a trance.

mpire Like Almost Every One In The World. To Me Ethan Is Hot (probably like mo


this is when sarah went to get the venum out of ethan.

st people who love mbav).


My Favorite Episodes are "Re-Vamped", And "Smell's Like Trouble" The Only Part in "Smell's Like Trouble" i don't like is when everyone started attacking Ethan. I Got Kinda Mad Because He doesnt diserve to be beat up! Who Agree's? In "Re-Vamped" i hated when Jesse Threw Him Across The Room and Bit Him, I Got Mad At Jesse Cause Ethan Doesnt Diserve to be Thrown Around. He's Not a Doll or Anything! Who Agree's With me?

~Season 2 & Ethan Lovers~[]

I Can't Wait Til Season 2, It's Gonna Be Epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Season 2 is Deffenitly Going to Happ en. I Hope Ethan Doesnt Get hurt. I Really Don't Dislike Any Episode's, or Like Any Episode's More Then The Other's. The only Reason I have 2 listed in the above paragraph is because those are the one's that i watch the most :). If You Like Ethan, Go Here And Put a comment Saying Ethan is Better :) Babysitter's A Vampire Basics~== If You Don't Know, My Babysitter's a vampire is a canadian Tv show that was made by fresh Tv and produced by teletoon. My Babysitter's a Vampire is a Tv Show that is in French and English. It Airs on Disney Channel. My babysitter's a vampire isnt just a Television Series, it's also a movie. The First Season aired in July and the Second season may Air in the late 2011 or early 2012 :).


Vannessa Morgan (Sarah) Cameron Kenedy (Rory) and Kate Todd (Erica) said on twitter (Friends told me :) ) that there is definetly a second season! who's Excited?


Vist the Ethan Morgan Page! it has mainly all the information about ethan in season 1! i'm so excited to see what happens to Ethan in the second season! I was watching this video on youtube and they were episode IDEA'S there probably not gonna happen but one idea was "Ethan becomes a vampire" Who's excited to see that one? (if it airs) I Defenetly am! The person who made the video, claims he is Mathew Knight, if he is, then i will scream! well here's the video, Enjoy! Who else beleve's its really Mathew Knight? cause if it is im gonna leave a comment (when and if i get a youtube account) saying that i love mathew knight! Do u love mathew knight? Talk page me and tell me! if u like anyother charecter, talk page me! i wanna know! :P well anyways here's the video :) enjoy! i hope u message me and tell me who's ur favorite charecter!