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Spend your time efficiently and make informed decisions about which articles you should edit with these insights.

  • Unorganized templates

    The purpose of these templates is unknown, as they have not been organized by type. See Help:Template Types to learn more!

  • Non-portable infoboxes

    The following infoboxes are built with tables or divs, and should be converted to use the new infobox markup so they render appropriately to all visitors.

    Stuck or don't know how to proceed? Request help at the Portability Hub.

  • Popular pages

    These pages are gaining traction with your readers! Make sure they are up to your standards and have all the latest images and information.

  • Pages without categories

    Add categories to these pages. Good categorization is vital to a successfully organized community!

  • Pages without images

    Articles with images are read more often, shared more often, and perform better in search engines than those without images. Even adding a loosely related image can help.

  • Pages without links

    These pages should link to other articles on your wiki. Well-linked articles help readers discover more information about your topic and improve search engine rankings.

  • Wanted pages

    There are redlinks pointing to these pages, but the pages don't exist! Create the article or make it a redirect to the correct article to help readers navigate your community.

  • Pages without an infobox

    These pages do not have a recognized infobox on them. You may want to consider adding one!

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