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Ludwig von koopa is the eldest koopaling and the most powerfull koopaling in Family!..he's making some invasion like Dr.zomboss!....

He appeared in SMB3,NSMBW! he's status after NSMBW is certainly unknown but

Dr.Zomboss Rebirth Ludwing and his younger siblings in later Series


1-He's the eldest and strongest koopaling

2-He appeard in 7th world of SMB3 and NSMBW

3-In NSMBW,He was the only koopaling to throw 4 spells in a time!

4-He's Named after A famous Difficult musician named {Ludwig Van Beethoven}

5-Musician had Van But koopaling had Von

6-They're 1st name Were Ludwig

7-They're style hair has similiarity to themselves {they hair colour was same if you including ludwig's NES and SNES appearnce,Not Wii Version}